Lead by Capability

Is the speed of your career catching up with your capability?

If you feel that you aren't being valued for your contribution to good work or that the jobs coming your way aren't good enough for you and for the ones you like, they seem to be taken even before you emailed your CV, you are not alone.

It does not help when recruitment is acutely competitive, a job market that is exploding with CVs and economies are downright volatile.

When you are finally ready to make that shift, you realize that chasing KPIs and focussing on achieving numbers for the organisation has left you with little time to build on your professional image, limiting your circle of influence.

The questions to ask of yourself are:
Do you have a personal brand?
A relevant online presence??

LeadThink probes into your experiences, nudging you to focus on your achievements. It allows you to dive deep into your body of work, to look beyond target expectations and business pressures, to go outside of challenges and focus on your contribution. What is it that you have singularly done to achieve positive business outcomes?
LeadThink uses the metric
of capability
to help you stand out
By subscribing to LeadThink, you separate yourself from the crowd.
What is your professional intent?

Is your current position steering you up to there?

Do you want to make career changes that align with your capabilities and vision?

Are you concerned about the lack of opportunities for advancement?

Are you unsatisfied with the work environment or culture of your organization?

Do you want more challenging work?

Does your online profile
  • Boost your capabilities?
  • Match your capabilities?
  • Consistently express your capabilities?

What kind of impact is your online presence making on the digital community?
Branding by Thought Leadership.

LeadThink highlights your capabilities by way of personal insights & experiences.

With the onslaught of challenges at work, your contribution to the organisation is forgotten, buried deep beneath the bulk of day-to-day pressures.

Enter LeadThink. Your participation on LeadThink ensures that your profile gets the boost it deserves.That you are recognized and your expertise is sought and rewarded.

A new, online value for your experiences.
LeadZone is your dedicated page on LeadThink. That you own. Where you can project your achievements in managing challenges and change. The unique situations and scenarios that you have led, managed or participated in, those that emerged as winning successes.

Attract recruiters. Draw hirers. Nurture a community. Impart knowledge. Form networks. Build your following. Create a new you. Drive thought leadership. Post your accolades. Pin your rewards.   Link.   Invite.   Comment.   Share.
Where capability meets opportunity!

More than just solutions to bolster your career, the teams at LeadThink Advisory will advise you how to deliver inspired actions and empowered choices for advancing your career.